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My water meter is not broken. Why do you need to access it or replace it?

Category: Water Service
The State mandates that we replace water meters that are 10 years old.  As a result, we require that property owners provide us access to exchange the meter every 10 years.  Sometimes the equipment that sends to reading to the outside of the building gets damaged and we need access to your meter to repair it.   We do our best to minimize the inconvenience and will provide you with a specific time we will arrive, not a window.  Our technicians do their best to arrive promptly for the appointment.  If they know they will be delayed more than 15 minutes or so, we do our best to contact you & let you know of their estimated time of arrival.  We appreciate your cooperation in this necessary process.  If you have received a letter requesting access to repair or replace the meter, please call us at 860-447-5222 to schedule an appointment.  
Updated 3/28/2014 5:07 PM
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