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Why is my water bill higher than normal?

Category: Water Service
• Check the date on your bill of the service period.  If it includes the summer months, the high use could be from warm-weather activities such as lawn & garden watering, car washing, or filling swimming pools.  

• Check the number of days in the service period that is listed on your bill.  We strive to read the water meter every 90 days.  However there are situations that may prevent us from getting a reading on time.  If your bill is for more than 95 days, the increase may be due to a longer than normal service period.  This means your next bill should be less than normal because it will be for a shorter service period.  

• Did you have any other changes to the activity on the property?  Most significant is the number of people.  If a child moved back in or you had someone come for an extended stay, your higher water/sewer bill could be a result of more people on the property.
• Do you hear your toilets running or do you have to jiggle the handle to stop them running?  Do any of your faucets have a regular drip?  A leaking toilet can waste 90 gallons of water per day.  Minor plumbing leaks add up on your water & sewer bill and many can easily be fixed by the homeowner.  It pays to have them fixed promptly.  For more information on household water waste, visit Leak Facts on the WaterSense page of the EPA's website at  You can also call us at 860-447-5222. 
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